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Just Like Heaven, or J.L.H. for short (not to be confused with my author pseudonym, J.H.L), is a website created for the purposes of distributing information on my characters and stories. I also wanted to create it to learn a new medium of art - website creation! Anyways, please feel free to explore the deepest catacombs of this site to find any information you desire.

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May 8th 2023 - Wowee!

Hi ho! I haven't added much in the past week, but I thought it was worth noting. Added some stuff to the graphics page, still have not worked on my shrines or sitemap, created a new button to redirect you to the Murderer Down the Hall page in the index, created a few more graphics, watched two full seasons of Community and updated my "links" page with my other social medias! Thanks for your time!

April 30th 2023 - MISC + NEW ART!

Finally added the "Miscellaneous" section! You can find my random graphics, and soon I'll have my shrines set up. On my next update I would also like to add a site map, as it is getting more and more convoluted to sift through as more updates roll out! ...In other news, I added a few more art pieces in the fanart gallery and the Murderer Down the Hall gallery! Go check it out!

April 14th 2023 - TMDTH UPDATES!

Finally finished the main four character pages for The Murderer Down the Hall! Took me all day to type them out and transfer them to the pages but I think it's worth it. Also a few other pages have been updated since the last, so check them all out! My next goal is to work on the "Miscellaneous" section before spring break is over, because I likely won't have time to work on this website much during school. I'm estimating my next major updates will either be at the end of the weekend or at the beginning of summer.

April 10th 2023 - WOW! Lot's of stuff!

Essentially I've added about seventy-five percent of the website you see right now in the past 24 hours. I'm currently in the process of adding the art pages, but I really like how the layout of my site looks right now! I'm not sure if I'll get to the TMDTH pages today, because I'm thinking about starting to watch "Succession." And well, if I end up liking it... I'll end up binging it! Apologies for the ramble...

April 9th 2023 - Hot dog! An overhaul!

I've just added the first of few images to the navbar, one that will guide you, traveler, through the rest of my website. Still a lot to go. I've also put up my guestbook as well as a cute graphic of my character, Twigs, to go along with it. I think I am going to keep the theme of my characters showing up around the site in different graphics. It's charming. I've also added two buttons, though I would like to make an animated one, too. The ones I have right now are just still images. I will continue to update throughout the following days. Hopefully.

January 3rd 2023 - Testing Testing 123

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