About J.L.H., or otherwise known as "INKY"

Hello there! I'm known on this site as the webmaster, or "J.L.H.", but if you're a friend of mine you will know me as my online username, "inkycat186." The origins of neither name are important!

So, here's my official introduction: I'm inky, a seventeen year old who's quite interested in anything vintage. Vintage as in before the 1980's. I mostly hyperfocus on the 1940s, which I know can sound like an odd thing to be so interested in, but I do think, aside from the elephant in the room, (the war, I mean), it was very intriguing. The fashion, the aesthetics, the films, the way people talked! That goes the same for other mid-20th century decades.

I'm currently working on a story with characters you have already seen on this website. The story is currently titled "The Murderer Down The Hall" and as it sounds, it has darker themes. It takes place in the later years of the 1940's, and focuses on the titular character, Richard C. Banks, and how he uncovers the truth about his cousin's murder. It's a mystery novel! Richard is the ginger one, he loves baseball and all kinds of sports. His best friend also makes an appearance on the site (the first graphic I made involving any of my characters, actually, which was the "guestbook" graphic). His name is "Twigs" Parker. Obviously Twigs is not his given name, but it is a nickname he owns for himself.

Along with my main work, I will also have an art gallery where ALL of my artwork is, including my fan art (as I am a fan of many things myself, you see).

Fun information!

⁂ My favorite book of all time is A Separate Peace by John Knowles.

⁂ My favorite bands to listen to are The Smiths, The Cure, Tv Girl, The Decemberists, and a bunch of punk rock bands from the 90's and 2000's. Though I do appreciate some oldies!

⁂ My favorite video game series is Pokemon. I have at least one game from every generation, and have beaten all of them - Yellow, Gold, Silver AND Crystal, Sapphire (physically!), Diamond and Pearl, Black, Y, Omega Ruby (my first!), Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Shield, and Violet. I may be forgetting some, though. I love every game for its own uniqueness. I'll save the rest of my rambling for a shrine.

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