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The Murderer Down the Hall is a work-in-progress story about an athlete, his cousin, a murder, and the horrors that humanity can create. The murderer is hidden in plain sight; he could be anywhere, but where, exactly?

The Murderer Down the Hall, TMDTH for short, takes place in the pretentious all-boys private academy settled in the fictional Winsborough, Massachusetts. It follows Richard Banks, the school's favorite baseball player, who finds that his cousin had been tragically hung from a tree on one horrific evening... He decides he needs to find out who the perpetrator is, and why, exactly, they wanted to kill his cousin. He can't do it alone, though. That is where Twigs Parker comes in: his best friend and his roommate. Shy, but intelligent. Together they lead the investigation on Robert Banks' murder. The killer is closer than they seem...

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